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Finding the Content You Can Edit

Which Content Can You Edit?

The content you can edit is determined by your access roles.  For example, graduate students are members of the role assigned to their research lab.  That means those students can edit any pages assigned to their research lab.

Content In Your Group(s)

The easiest way to tell what content is in y our group is to use the "List Content by Group" link, which shows up in the left menu after you sign in.  To find the content you can edit, select the access group(s) you belong to, and click apply.  You will see a list of content that can be edited by the groups you selected, along with quick links to view and edit that content.

Another way to edit content while signed in is to browse the website to the lab or group section you belong to, and click on the edit tab for those pages.

Content You Created

Additinally, you can edit content you have created but have not assigned to a group.  Once you have signed in, use the 'List My Content' link in the left menu.