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How to Add Files to Your Page (PDF, PPT, etc)

How to Add Files to Your Page

NOTE: The website has file space and network throughput limitations, and therefore large files cannot be added.

NOTE: Currently, only PDF, PPT (powerpoint), and DOC (word) files can be added.

First, you need to upload your files to the page that will contain the files.  Find the page and click the edit button.  Locate the 'field_inline_files' section, which looks like this:

Click the browse button, find the file you want to send, and click upload.

After the file has been uploaded, the form will change and you can insert the filename into your text.

  • First, in the body of your page (the text editor) position your cursor where you want the file inserted.
  • Next, in the field_inline_files section, click the insert button.
  • Finally, if you want you can change the text of the inserted link so that it makes more sense.