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Updating your Profile Page

What is Your Profile?

Your profile contains all the personal information you want people to see when someone clicks on your name.  You also use your profile to define your lab and center affiliations.

Where to Find and Edit Your Profile

  • Visit the department website
  • Locate the 'User Login' section in the blue, left column
  • Enter your department username and password to sign in
  • The 'User Login' section now switches to your 'User Controls' section. Go to there click the 'My account' link
  • Your now viewing your profile, click the 'edit' tab at the top of the page to start editing

Some Notes about Editing Your Profile

  • Fields with the red * are required to save any changes
  • You cannot change your username or password as that information is not stored on the website.
  • While editing your profile, you have multiple sections which you can edit:
    • Account: contains your email, picture, and vita
    • Account Information: Phone, Location, Office Hours, etc
    • Affiliations: your lab and center title and affiliations
    • Research Interests: for the collaborative research page

Setup your Lab/Center Affiliations (People Pages)

Use the Affiliations section of your profile to define how you are associated with the department's Labs, Centers, and Clinics.  Setting the correct affiliation will list you on that section's people page, as well as add that section to your title on your profile page.

NOTE: Students must be a member of the lab/center before it will show up under your affiliations.  If you are missing a lab/center under your affiliations, please contact me (Ben) and we'll figure it out...