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Using the Content Editor

Using the Content Editor

The new website will use the TinyMCE content editor.  This allows you to create webpages without having to deal with the HTML code.  The editor looks like this:


Here are some of the more commonly used buttons:

Explanation of Editor Buttons

NOTE: All of the buttons will give you a tip to what they do when you hover the mosue over them.  If you aren't sure which button your looking for, just pause your mouse over the button in question and wait for the tool-tip.

  • Text Formatting - Self explanatory.

  • Unordered and Order Lists - Lists are very common, unordered=no numbers, ordered=numbered
  • Increase/Decrease Left Margin

  • Insert/Edit link - Allows you to create a link to other content, or edit a pre-existing link.
  • Clear link - Removes the link without deleting the content
  • Insert Anchor - An anchor is a location in the page which you can link to.  When someone uses the link, the browser centers the screen over the anchor.

  • Edit image properties - allows you to adjust the display properties on an image.  Float left or right, center, add a caption, or add spacing around the image.

  • Create Heading - Create or remove section headings

  • Make editor fullscreen - Enlarges the editor to fill your browser.  No need to work inside a tiny editor window.

  • Insert template - Allows you to insert predefined templates into your content.  Currently there are two templates available, a two column and a three column section.
  • Insert link to content - Allows you to insert an internal link to other CMS content... IE content you have created on this site.
  • Insert preview/full divider - Allows you to specify where the break should be when previewing your content.