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Why cant I paste text from MS Word?

Why cant I copy text from a word document and paste it into the website?

This is a common mistake.  MS Word documents contain formatting (such as bold, sizing, fonts, etc).  When you copy text from word, you copy the formatting as well.  When you paste that into the website, the formatting from WORD is incompatible with the formatting for the website. 

This will lead to strange and unknown text appearing in your page.  When you go to edit the page, you wont see the strange characters.  The only way to correct the problem is to paste the text without formatting (see below)

How can I work around the MS Word copy/paste problem?

If you have text in WORD that you need on the website, there is a simple work-around:

  • In WORD, copy the text you need on the website
  • In NOTEPAD, paste the text (this removes all formatting from the text)
  • In NOTEPAD, copy the text
  • On the website, paste the text

The text will no longer contain any strange characters, and if you need to you can re-apply some basic formatting using the editor in built into the website.


If you are writing text for the website, and using MS WORD as an editor/container until you are finished, then I recommend just writing the text directly into the website, using the editing tools on the website.  This way you wont have this formatting problem.