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Clinical Research Fair

The Clinical Psychology Program held its first annual Clinical Research Fair on March 27th. The event, supported by a Department Climate mini-grant from AdvanceVT, allowed graduate students and faculty to discuss their work and share some of their latest research results. The goal of the Fair was to stimulate discussion and sharing of ideas, and promote collaboration among the faculty and students. The Fair turned out to be a big success - three separate labs gave oral symposia and eighteen research posters were presented by students. Almost all of the students in the program (of those who are not away from town on internship) and all of the clinical faculty attended.

Four students were awarded prizes for their research at the Fair: Anthony O. Wells, M.S., Laura Wilson, M.A., Nathaniel Van Kirk, B.S., Kristy Benoit, M.S.

[Susan W. White, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in VT Psychology Department at far right]