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How do I back up my computer?

How do I back up my computer?

Faculty and Staff are responsible for making sure their computers are backed up.  Syncback is the primary tool to do so, but you may have never used it before.

NOTE: We purchased one copy of Syncback per faculty and staff member.  If you start Syncback and it wants you to enter a license key, please contact me.

NOTE: Access to Everest is restricted to ethernet on campus or at the PSC/CSC/RHEC.  Syncback will therefore only work in those locations as well.

Making a Backup

Run Syncback from the start menu (just type 'syncback'), then click on the 'my documents' profile, and click run. 


While Syncback is running, you will get an icon in the task tray that looks like this:

Syncback copies all your files to a backup folder on Everest.  If there is a problem, you will get an icon that looks like this:

NOTE: If Syncback is installed on your computer, you should always have the Syncback icon in your task tray.  If you don't see it, something is wrong, please contact me.


If an Error is Reported

If Syncback reports an error, you should check the log for details.  To do so, run Syncback, right-click on the 'My Documents' profile, and then click 'View Log' and 'Newest'.  At the top of the log file, you can click on 'Errors' and see what files are not backed up.


How do I backup my Lab Computer(s) or Second Computer?

We only have licenses for Syncback on one computer per faculty/staff member.  When using another computer, be sure to save your data on Everest (which has its own backups), or make your own backup copies in case the computer crashes.  Feel free to contact me if you would like some advice on this.