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Recent Theses and Dissertations


Claire Blevins – "Situational Marijuana Use: Predicting Outcomes in Treatment-Seeking Adults." 2013.

Kelsey Banes – “The Importance of Life Goals in the Treatment of Marijuana Dependence.” 2011.

Sheri L. Towe – “The Effect of Partner Involvement and Partner Behaviors on Marijuana Treatment Outcomes.” 2008.

Mark Edward Jones – “The Role of Expectancies and Personality Factors in the Formation of Alcohol and Marijuana Use Motives Among College Students.” 2004.

Brian E. Lozano – “The Effect of Goal Setting on Marijuana Treatment Outcomes: the Role of Self-Efficacy.” 2004.

Josephine M. DeMarce – “Psychological Distress and Marijuana Use Before and After Treatment: Testing Cognitive-Behavioral Hyptotheses.” 2004.

Robrina Walker – “Understanding Self-Efficacy for Alcohol Use: The Roles of Self-Monitoring and Hypothesized Source Variables,” 2002.


Claire Blevins - "The Impact of Motives-Related Feedback on Drinking to Cope among College Students." 2015.

Sheri Towe – “The Impact of Personalized Feedback on Marijuana Use:  Examining a Brief Intervention Delivered via the Internet.” 2012.

Jared Rowland – “The Effect of Frontal Lobe Stress on Gambling Task Performance:  Implications for Understanding Addictive Behavior.” 2010.

Brian E. Lozano – “Comparison of Participatively-set and Assigned Goals in the Reduction of Alcohol Use.” 2008.

Nancy Robrina Walker – “Examining the Relationships among General Coping, Alcohol-Specific Coping and Alcohol Use in a College Student Population.” 2007.

Mark E. Jones – “Comparing Dispositional and Episodic Assessment of Drug Use Motives among College Students: Prediction of Use and Use-Related Consequences.” 2007.

Josephine M. DeMarce – “Testing Theoretical Relationships among Alcohol Use, Drinking to Cope, Mood Regulation Expectancies, and Depression.” 2006.