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Joining the Center

Joining the Center

Application Process

We accept new (and returning) applicants in the first week of each semester.  The deadline for Fall 2017 has now passed, however, Spring 2018 applications deadline will be January 19, 2018. You may pick up and return applications in the same location: Williams 202.


The Educational Core of CABS is designed to provide undergraduates with opportunities to learn more about the theories, models, and research methods commonly used in applied research. It is also designed to ensure students become involved in all aspects of the research processes. Completion of the Educational Core involves several components.

Many students in the past have felt CABS is an excellent way to get hands on experience in applied psychological research. Often CABS is a valuable addition to a student's Vita and looks great on application forms for graduate school. Depending on the level of your involvement in CABS, there will be several opportunities to be an author on a paper or poster presentation given at one of the many professional conferences CABS attends throughout the semester. In addition to being an author, you may be the presenter at these conferences as well. Being an author on a presentation at a professional conference is an excellent way to bolster one's Vita and gain valuable presentation experience.

In addition to the more obvious advantages mentioned above, being involved in CABS allows you to gain invaluable knowledge and expertise about theories and procedures used in applied psychological research that have broad applications across many fields and projects. Often students use the experiences gained in CABS to develop and implement their own project ideas in other fields and academic arenas.

Requirements for Completion

  • Attend a weekly Center meeting
  • A minimum of 84 hours (for 2 credits) including:
  • A minimum of 45 hours (for 2 credits) of data collection
  • A minimum of 15 (for 2 credits) of data entry
  • Attend meetings for research projects

If you have any questions please contact:

Annie Eick

Rhiannon Takemoto-Jennings