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Current Projects

Here is a list of some of the projects we are currently working on in the I-SPI Lab:

Measurement Based Care (MBC) and Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM)

With the implementation of the SCORE standardized assessment and treatment evaluation system at the PSC, we are interested in contributing the growing body of study of measurement based care (MBC) through assessing the facilitators and barriers of utilization of routine outcome monitoring (ROM) in our community-based training clinic. For this study, we have been periodically surveying both clinician and client attitudes toward ROM along with perceived facilitators and barriers. 

Reflective Practice - Phase II

Reflective practice refers to observing, recognizing, intervening, and making adjustments to one’s interpersonal pattern, while also drawing from existing professional and personal knowledge and understanding, to improve an interactional pattern. In the first phase of this particular project, we utilized a set of questions, along with pre-,post-, and follow up-surveys, to develop a feasible, acceptable, and practical reflective practice training module for graduate level clinical practicum. In Phase II we have added components of training, a shorter set of questions, and will be looking at associated changes, hopefully improvements, in working alliance, overall functioning, and overall treatment outcome.