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Recent Projects

Here is a list of some of the projects we have recently completed in the I-SPI Lab:

Reflective Practice Phase I

Reflective practice refers to observing, recognizing, intervening, and making adjustments to one’s interpersonal pattern, while also drawing from existing professional and personal knowledge and understanding, to improve an interactional pattern. In this particular project, we utilized a set of questions, along with pre-,post-, and follow up-surveys, to develop a feasible, acceptable, and practical reflective practice training module for graduate level clinical practicum.

Values Assessment Measure

Values are an important variable of interest in third-wave behavior therapies (e.g., Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy). In particular, prior research has linked increased congruence between behaviors and values as a positive indicator of improvements in adjustment and functioning. However, there are a limited number of assessment tools available for tracking progress on value congruence during the therapeutic process. We are in the process of designing a brief measure of value identification and congruence, and our next step is to attempt to adapt this measure to adolescents, with hopes for eventual clinical use.

Does Clinical Practice Inform Clinical Research?

The purpose of this study was to survey clinical researchers to see if they believed in a bidirectional approach to clinical psychology and whether their own research was informed by clinical practice. Based on our results, clinical researchers highly rated that research should be influenced by clinical practice, but significantly less so that clinical practice/consultative activities have influenced their own research. Reported barriers were presented and discussed.