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Interface of Leadership and Teams Lab



Interface of Leadership and Teams (ILT) Lab


The Interface of Leadership and Teams (ILT) lab is dedicated to conducting scholarly work relating to leadership and team issues facing today’s organizations from a scientist-practitioner perspective.  Specifically, we are interested in the perception and characteristics of leaders and followers, leadership and gender, leader-follower relationships, the assessment of leadership phenomena and the effectiveness of interdisciplinary teams.

 Lab Mission 

The ILT lab focuses on how leadership and leader-follower relationships develop. What are the cognitive and relational processes involved in coming to see oneself, and being seen by others, as a leader or a follower?

Here are some examples of our current research projects:

  • How does similarity in expectations between leaders and followers impact their cooperation on a joint task? 
  • How does a change in leader or a change in organizational climate impact expectations of followers?
  • How does identity and self-perception impact whether women seek out leadership roles?
  • How do self-perception and cognitive expectations influence judgments about leadership?
  • What are the difference in networks of leadership traits for males and females?


Congratulations to our lab's newest Ph.D. -- YASHNA SHAH!!


Check out our new lab logos coming soon along with our new lab webpage! Logos created by graphic designer Keith Action (2019)