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JK Lifespan Development Lab

Welcome to JK Lifespan Development Lab.


We study risk and protective factors that are related to children's and adolescents' physical and mental health. We examine biological, social, and personality processes as risk and resilience factors for developmental psychopathology and heath risk behaviors. Our projects focus on self-regulation, self-system, and religiousness/spirituality as protective factors for health risk behaviors among normative samples of adolescents and for mental health problems among high-risk children with child maltreatment. Our most recent research project investigates adolescent brain development related to risk taking decision making and health risk behaviors (substance use and risky sexual behaviors).  Here is the list of our ongoing projects:

  • Behavioral, psychological, and neurobiological predictors of risk decision-making and health risk behaviors
  • Youths' healthy development study: Longitudinal study of religiousness as a protective mechanism for adolescent health risk behaviors
  • Risk and protective processes in child maltreatment
  • Personality development and psychopathology using the NICHD Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development data

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