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MBRL Quant Training

Methodology in Behavioral Research Lab (MBRL)
Quantitative Student Research and Training at VT

Undergraduate Research Assistants

The MBRL welcomes applications from undergraduate students interested in conducting research on methodology in a variety of behavioral research topics. The ideal applicant is self-motivated, able to communicate ideas clearly, detail-oriented, and enthusiastic about learning. A background or interest in statistics, mathematics, and/or computer programming is preferred but not required. Minimum requirements include a grade of B- or higher in the following classes:

  • Research Methods (for example PSYC 2094)
  • Introductory Statistics (for example STAT 2004, but STAT 3604 is preferred)
  • Two-semester mathematics sequence (for example MATH 1015-1016, but more advanced classes are preferred)

To apply, please send the following to the MBRL:

  • An unofficial copy of your transcripts
  • A 2-page, double-spaced personal statement describing why you want to join the lab

Prospective Graduate Students

The MBRL is currently seeking qualified, prospective graduate students interested in developing a research program in quantitative methodology with a focus on applications to prevention science and behavior development. Students with some background in statistics, mathematics, and/or computer programming are preferred. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to contact Dr. Bray and/or Dr. Fritz directly before applying to Virginia Tech in order to discuss the student's research interests, background, and potential fit in the MBRL. The student must then apply to the Ph.D. program in one of the three areas offered by the Department of Psychology at Virginia Tech: Clinical, Developmental/Biological, and Industrial/Organizational. For information about applying to the Ph.D. program in the Department, click here

Quantitative Training Information

There are many opportunities for quantitative training at Virginia Tech, especially for grad students. Upcoming courses in psychology, as well as upcoming courses in related departments, on-campus workshops, and other training opportunities are listed below.

Upcoming Courses by MBRL Faculty

Upcoming Courses by Colleagues at VT

Workshops at VT

Other Training Opportunities Off-Campus

Upcoming Courses Offered by MBRL Faculty

Fall 2012

(Graduate) Applied Multivariate Data Analysis (PSYC 6014) -- Matt Fritz

Spring 2013 - Planned

(Undergraduate) Special Topics: Adv Topics in Clinical Research Methods (PSYC 4364) -- Matt Fritz

(Graduate) Applied Multiple Regression (PSYC 5316) -- Matt Fritz

Upcoming Courses Offered by Colleagues at Virginia Tech


Workshops Offered at Virginia Tech

Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (LISA)


Short Courses

Other Interesting Training Opportunities

The Methodology Center at Penn State


Summer Institute on Innovative Methods (annual)

Prevention and Methodology Training Program (PAMT) (pre-docs and post-docs)

Ask a Methodologist (archive from newsletters)