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Physiology, Affect, Neurodevelopment, and Autism (PANDA) Lab

Physiology, Affect, NeuroDevelopment and Autism (PANDA) Lab


We focus on the physiology, emotional processes, and developmental components as related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Specifically, our research spans a wide variety of topics including treatment, assessment, physiological components and more! We aim to take an inclusive approach, working with parents and siblings as well as the child with ASD.


Williams Hall

VT Autism Clinic (VTAC)

VTAC is located at 3110 Prices Fork Road, next to the Psychological Services Center. Many of the assessments and therapy groups take place at VTAC. In addition, the data entry and analysis for multiple projects occurs at this location.

Address: 3110 Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg VA

Phone: 540-231-6914

VT Center for Autism Research (VTCAR) 

VTCAR is located at 460 Turner Street (in the same building as Wicked Taco and Next Door Bake Shop). VTCAR is a multi-disciplinary center in the College of Science, with the goal of promoting collaborative research on ASD. VTCAR houses administrative offices and the data for people participating in the Autism Assessment Database, who receive research reports at no charge to them in agreement to be contacted for future research studies. 

Address: 460 Turner Street NW, Clinical Science Suite (Suite 203), Blacksburg VA

Phone: 540-231-8747