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Fire Trauma Research

  • REAACT: ABC's of Fire (PDF)
  • REAACT: Pamphlet (PDF)
  • REAACT: Coloring Book (PDF)
  • REAACT: Brochure 1 (PDF)
  • REAACT: Brochure 2 (PDF)
  • REAACT: Brochure 3 (PDF)
  • REAACT: Brochure 4 (PDF)
  • REAACT: Brochure 5 (PDF)
  • 2011- Posttraumatic Stress Among Students After the Shootings at Virginia Tech (PDF)
  • 2009-Fear in Children and Adolescents: The Roles of Negative Life Events,Attributional Style, and Avoidant Coping (PDF)
  • 2004- Residential Fires (PDF)
  • 2006-Characterizing Time in Longitudinal Trauma Research (PDF)
  • 2005 - The Role of Self-Worth, Social Support, and Family Religious Environment in Children and Adolescents Religious Coping following Residential Fires (PDF)
  • 2005-Post-Traumatic Symptomatology in Adolescents following Wildfire: The Role of Coping Strategy and Efficacy (PDF)
  • 2004 - Children's Religious Coping Following Residential Fires - An Exploratory Study (PDF)
  • 2002- Psychological impact of fire disaster on children and their parents (PDF)
  • 2002 - Psychological Impact of Fire Disaster on Children and their Parents.pdf (PDF)
  • 1991 - Child, Adolescent, and Adult Victims of Residential Fire - Psychosocial Consequences (PDF)
  • Post-Traumatic Symptomatology in Adolescents following Wildfire The Role of Coping Strategy and Efficacy (PDF)
  • 1988 - An Extension and Refinement of Telephone Emergency-Skills Training - A Comparison of Training Methods.pdf (PDF)
  • 1984 - Emergency Fire Safety Skills For Blind Children and Adolescents - Group Training and Generalization (PDF)
  • 1984 - Emergency Fire Safety Skills - A Study with Blind Adolescents (PDF)
  • 1981 - Social Validation and Training of Emergency Fire Safety Skills for Potential Injury Prevention and Life Saving (PDF)pt_trpp_virginia_tech_article.pdf

Hurricane Related Research

  • 2009-Impact of Hurricanes on Children (PDF)
  • 2009-Serious Emotional Disturbance Among Youths Exposed to Hurricane Katrina 2 Years Postdisaster (PDF)
  • 2008- Hurricane Katrina: Experiences of Psychologists and Implications for Future Disaster Response (PDF)
  • 2006-Mental illness and suicidality after hurricane Katrina (PDF)
  • 2007-Exposure to hurricane-related stressors and mental illness after hurricane Katrina (PDF)2007- Exposure to Hurricane-Related Stressors and Mental Illness After Hurricane Katrina (PDF)
  • 2001 - The Psychological Effects of Hurricane Andrew on Ethnic Minority and Caucasian Children and Adolescents - A Case Study (PDF)
  • Jones-Kessler-Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Study (PDF)

Virginia Tech Shootings

  • Dr. Jones' Vitae (PDF)
  • CRTES-Uganda (PDF)
  • Jones Journal Summer 07 (PDF)
  • Jones Journal Fall 06 (PDF)
  • Conducting Research in Diverse, Minority, and Marginalized Communities (PDF)
  • Jones Journal - Fall 2005 (PDF)
  • 2001 - Fear in Children and Adolescents - Relations with Negative Life Events, Attributional Style, and Avoidant Coping (PDF)
  • 2008-Who's Looking Out for the Kids? (PDF)

Disaster-Related Committee Products


  • 2010-Integration of Mental and Behavioral Health in Federal Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery: Assessment and Recommendations (PDF)




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