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Jonathan Waldron Receives Diversity and Teaching Awards

Jonathan Waldron, graduate student in the clinical psychology area, was selected as a Diversity Scholar based on his advocacy for the awareness, knowledge, and skills associated with diversity and inclusion. Diversity scholar's help create dialogue, provide advocacy, and implement change for a more diverse and inclusive experience for all graduate students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Jon and another diversity scholar are working on a project to help instructors incorporate diversity topics in the classroom on a regular basis. They are creating slides on a variety of diversity topics that instructors can use to stimulate discussion relevant to the course topic.

Jon is also receiving the 2015 Graduate Teaching Excellence – Instructor of Record Award from the Graduate School. He will receive a plaque and $1,000 check from the Virginia Tech Alumni Association at the Graduate Awards Banquet  on March 26. The selection committee was impressed with the nomination packet, which highlighted Jon’s teaching and organizational aptitude, effective communication skills, subject matter knowledge and ability to motivate students. Earlier, Jon was selected as a Founding Member of the Academy for Graduate Teaching Assistant Excellence due to his excellence in teaching and creating affirming learning opportunities in higher education.