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AV Recording at the CSC/CSS


The AV recording system at the CSC/CSS has been upgraded from a DVD recording system to a computer based recording system.  The new system will use computers to record video.

This document will help you get started with the new system.  If you have any questions, please read this document thoroughly before contacting one of the AV contacts at the end of this document.


Recording a Session

IMPORTANT: Anyone who needs to record with the new system should plan a trial run on the camera you will use for recording.  You dont want to be figuring out how things work while someone is waiting for you.

  1. Log into the computer with your department username and password.  This is the same password you use to access everest and log into the website.

  2. To start a recording, look for the 'TotalMedia Extreme 2' icon on the desktop.

  3. Next click on the 'Record Video' icon.

  4. Next you will see the primary record window.  Make sure not to change any of the settings in the big red box, or the video will not be compatible with our server.  To start recording, click the 'Capture' button.

    NOTE: I have noticed that sometimes the video image can take up to 30 seconds to activate.  It seems to help to make sure the lights are turned on, and also to move the camera just a little with the joystick controller.

    NOTE: If someone else left Total Media Extreme running, you will not be able to start the software again.  You will have to choose 'restart' from the start menu and reboot the computer.

    NOTE: After pressing the capture button, there may be a delay of 2-3 seconds as the hardware comes online.  This is normal.

  5. When your recording is complete, press the green 'Stop' button.

    NOTE: When pressing the stop button, there is a delay of 2-3 seconds as the hardware is stopped.  This is normal.

  6. Be sure to exit total media extreme, or other users wont be able to use it without rebooting the computer.

  7. Locate your video in the 'Public/Videos' folder.  A shortcut to the public folder is on the desktop. 

  8. Lastly, move your video to the server Fuji.  The Fuji icon is on the desktop.  Make sure to cut and paste the video, or copy then delete the source.  The computers do not have much storage space and will fill up quickly if video files are left on them.  If the computers fill up, recordings will fail.

    If this is the first video you have recorded, you may create a new folder for your research.  Any further videos should be placed in the same folder.


Observing a live session from the conference room

You can observe any active session from the main conference room.  You can also connect a laptop to the television or projector in order to watch a recorded session.

To use the video switcher:

  1. First, in the input section, click the room you want to observe.  Note there are a couple of overlapping room numbers between the CSC and CSS, so they have an A (for CSC) or B (for CSS) added.
  2. Next, in the output section, click on Proj/Aud (overhead projector with speakers) or Mon (for television).  You should note that the Monitor doesn't have an audio connection, so if you want to use the television and hear the sound, turn on both the Proj/Aud and Mon buttons.
  3. Finally, press enter to finish your selection.
  4. If your watching on the TV, make sure it is on input2.


The top of the box has laptop inputs for both the TV and Projector.


To watch a DVD on the television:


  1. In the 'INPUT' section, press the 'DVD' button.
  2. In the 'OUTPUT' section, press the 'PROJ/AUD' and 'MON' buttons.
  3. In the 'CONTROL' section, press the 'ENTER' button.
  4. If your watching on the TV, make sure it is on input2.


To playback video from the Computer (or start a skype conference)

  1. In the 'INPUT' section, select PC.
  2. In the 'OUTPUT' section, select 'PROJ/AUD'
  3. In the 'CONTROL' section, press 'ENTER'
  4. Press the input button on the TV until it is on PC.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I secure my video files?

Once you move your files to Fuji, they can be placed in a secured folder.  The video files are not secured until you move them to Fuji.  If you need help creating a secured folder, please stop by 109E Williams Hall.

Why does the recording screen sometimes take a while to show the video image?

I have found that sometimes the recording system will take up to 30 seconds to lock on to the video source.  This usually happens when the room is dark.  Sometimes it helps to move the camera a little bit with the joystick.

How do I access the videos on Fuji from other computers?

There are two ways to access Fuji from within Williams Hall or the CSC/CSS:

  1. Double click on the 'fuji' icon on your desktop.  You may be required to enter your username and password, be sure to include 'PSYC\' in your username like this: PSYC\username
  2. Click on start->run, and enter \\  You may be required to enter your username and password, be sure to include 'PSYC\' in your username like this: PSYC\username.


Getting Help - Current AV Contacts

If after reading this document and trying the system, you still have questions, you can contact one of the current AV contacts:


More Technical Information

There is a little more technical information here.