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Undergraduate Information


  • UPDATED 1/17/19    To all students considering switching into or adding our MAJOR:
    All students who wish to add or switch into our major must attend a New Majors Meeting. The next round of meetings will take place during last week of January. In addition, those of you wishing to SWITCH to psychology must make your requests online, through HokieSpa, by January 25. Please go to the Information for Prospective Students for dates and times, and instructions on how to sign up for one of our New Majors Meetings. Note also that this department adheres to the 'senior rule' stating that students may not switch into or add a major in their senior year (after 90 credit hours).


Student Advising

All undergraduate academic advising is coordinated by the Psychology Undergrad Advising Office:

  • 109 Williams Hall, Suite C

Undergraduate students needing academic assistance in matters related to psychology courses should contact the Psychology Undergrad Advising Office or Kurt Hoffman. This includes questions and concerns about the following:

  • Psychology course registration/drop
  • Psychology major/minor requirements
  • Adding or removing a psychology minor

The Student Advising Resources page has a wealth of information that addresses many common advising questions and concerns among students.

Psychology Majors

The complete requirements for psychology majors can be found in the psychology_majors_handbook_2015-16.pdf. In addition to meeting the psychology department's requirements, each major must fulfill the University's and the College of Science's CLE requirements.

In some instances students may apply for a waiver of a specific requirement or may substitute one course for another to fulfill a requirement. If you wish to apply for a waiver or course substitution, go to the department's advising office to get the necessary forms and additional information.

Psychology Minors

To graduate with a minor in psychology, a student must:

  1. Successfully complete 18 semester hours in psychology, including
  2. Successfully complete these specific courses:
    1. PSYC 1004 (Introductory Psychology)
    2. PSYC 1094 (Principles of Psychological Research) and
  3. Successfully complete one (three hour) psychology course at the 4000-level. (PSYC 4964 may not be used to satisfy this requirement.)