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Student Advising

Academic Advising

Please see the Virginia Tech Undergraduate Advising Web site.

Academic Support

The Center for Academic Enrichment and Excellence offers free academic support, such as tutoring and study skills seminars, to undergraduate students at Virginia Tech.

Academic Dishonesty/Academic Misconduct

Please see the Virginia Tech Undergraduate Honor System Web site.

Academic Probation/Suspension

  1. Probation imposed when cumulative GPA is less than 2.0 at the end of a semester
  2. 1st suspension imposed when student has less than a 2.0 cumulative GPA after two consecutive semesters - suspension after fall semester suspends enrollment through the end of the following spring semester; suspension after spring semester suspends enrollment through the end of the following fall semester
    1. Student must earn a 2.0 GPA the 1st semester back and raise the cumulative GPA to at least 2.0 by the end of the second semester back, or earn a 2.5 GPA for every semester following suspension until cumulative GPA is 2.0 or greater, or 2nd suspension (for two semesters) will be imposed
    2. Final suspension imposed for failure to meet returning performance requirements after 2nd suspension

Admissions Office

Please see the Undergraduate section of the University Admissions Office Web site.

Advanced Placement Credits (AP)

For questions about transfer credits, please see the AP & IB Credit page of the Registrar's Office Web site. All other questions should be directed to the Registrar's Office:

Office of the University Registar
250 Student Services Building (Map)

Appeal of Grade

If a student feels a grade has been calculated incorrectly or assigned in a prejudiced or capricious manner, he/she should discuss the matter with the instructor. If that does not resolve the issue, the student should appeal to the dept/division head. If that also does not resolve the matter, the student may appeal to the college dean. A grade appeal must be made by the student as soon as possible, but no later than the end of the student's subsequent term of enrollment after the grade in question was assigned.

Application for Degree

A student should go to Hokie Spa and follow the steps for applying for their degree as soon as they have obtained 60 credit hours. This alerts the Registrar's Office as to when they are planning to graduate (the date can be edited later if necessary) and generates the degree audit report which the student should check so they know what requirements they may still need to meet.

Auditing Courses

A student may audit any class, other than lab or studio courses, with permission of their academic advisor and the class instructor. The audit option may not be added or dropped to or from a class after the last day to enter classes. Students may not register for credit in any course previously audited.

Career Services

Please see the Virginia Tech Career Services Web site.

Change of Majors

Change of Major forms are available from Cindy Koziol in the Psychology Undergrad Advising Office

Core Curriculum

The Office of the Provost publishes a yearly document describing the requirements of the University Core Curriculum for the current academic year.

Counseling Services

The Cook Counseling Center provides individual counseling and group counseling for enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, free of charge.

Course Withdrawal

Students may withdraw after the drop deadline from 6 hours during their 4 years here, so in advising be certain they are aware of this and truly need to use the policy at the time they're talking to you. The deadline each semester is the Friday before the week of Reading Day (this is a NEW policy from the previous deadline of the last day of regular classes). The course will appear on the transcript with a W grade but will not count in GPA hours or calculations. Withdraw forms are available in the Psychology Undergrad Advising Office

Credit by Examination

See Math Placement.

Declaring a Minor

This can be done on the Change of Major form, obtainable in the Psychology Undergrad Advising Office. Minor requirements are: Psych 2004, Psych 2094, 3 psych electives of choice, and 1 psych 4000-level course of choice.

Degree Audit Report (DAR)

The degree audit is available to a student on Hokie Spa once they've applied for their degree, which should be done (also on Hokie Spa) as soon as they've obtained 60 credit hours. The audit report is also available to the faculty advisor on Faculty Spa. If, when reviewing an audit report with an advisee, a course is found to be meeting a different requirement than the student wants it to meet (for example, Philosophy is in Area 2 but they want it to be in our PsycStaph area), refer them to the Psychology Undergrad Advising Office to make the change.

Dual Degree/Double Major

Dual Degree: The student must meet the requirements of both majors, have 150 hours to graduate, and will receive a diploma in each major. The 30 hours above the usual 120 may be met with any courses the student chooses to take.

Double Major: The student must meet the requirements of both majors but only needs the usual 120 hours to graduate. A diploma will be received from the first major, and the 2nd major will only appear on the transcript.

Dropping a Course

A course may be dropped in any semester before the stated drop date with no penalty to the student and with the course never appearing on the transcript. To drop a course after that date, see the Course Withdraw requirements.

Field Study

FS hours give students work experience approved by the department and are selected to augment traditional classroom activities. The student is evaluated on knowledge and skills acquired as a result of the experience, with emphasis on academic and practical value. Students are assigned a P or F for the hours.

Final Exam Schedule

The final exam time for any course can be found on the timetable by doing the following:

  1. Search for the course.
  2. Click the link under column titled "Exam" for the course of interest.
  3. Read the exam time from the pop-up window. (NOTE: If a window does not pop up in response to clicking the link, check your Web browser's settings for pop-up windows.)

Financial Aid

Please see the Financial Aid Web site for more information.

Foreign Language Requirement and Credit

The university requires that a student have three years of the same language in high school. If they've had only two years, they must take a second-semester course here to complete the requirement.

Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation is held during the 1st 3 weeks of July each summer. Department sessions are coordinated in conjunction with the university and college sessions.

Full-time Course Load

12 hours per semester is considered full-time; however, 15 hours per semester will assure that the student has 30 hours at the end of the 1st year, 60, 90 and 120 in subsequent years to graduate on time without having to go to summer school. That also ensures that the system will read a student at the correct class level for classes they attempt to register for. Transfer, AP, or IB credits factor in also and may allow the student to not need 15 hours each semester.

Grade Changes

Grade changes are at the discretion of the instructor. The grade change form is available in the Psychology Undergrad Advising Office.

Grade Point Averages (GPA)

Cumulative grade point averages are available on Hokie/Faculty spa; in-major GPA can be obtained from the Psychology Undergrad Advising Office. Any courses transferred in by any means (from another institution, AP, IB, etc.) and courses taken at Virginia Tech to complete the foreign language requirement will not count in GPA calculations.

Graduating with Honors

There are many Honors designations through the Honors Office that are recognized at Commencement. Graduation with Distinction is also acknowledged as follows:

  • Summa Cum Laude - cumulative GPA of 3.8 or higher
  • Magne Cum Laude - cumulative GPA of 3.6 to 3.79
  • Cum Laude - cumulative GPA of 3.4 to 3.59


The University Commencement undergraduate exercises are held on the 3rd Friday in December and the 2nd Friday in May. Department commencement ceremonies are held on the 2nd Saturday in May.

GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

The Graduate School FAQ has some good general information on GRE requirements for graduate school.

Health Services

The Schiffert Health Center  provides a variety of health services to students including wellness services, immunizations, pharmacy services, and disease testing.

Honors Program

The University Honors Office is located on the 1st floor of Henderson Hall (Map); they can be reached by phone at 540-231-4591.

Housing, Student

The Student Life page of the University Web Site lists resources for both on-campus and off-campus housing.

Incomplete (I) Grade

Incomplete grades must be completed by the end of the subsequent semester in which they were assigned or they will automatically revert to a grade of F.

In Progress (IP) Grade

This is a designation on the degree audit report of courses being taken during the current term.

Independent Study

An IS course usually involves extensive reading and tutorial sessions with the faculty supervisor and may also involve written papers. The subject of the study is usually a continuation in greater depth of a topic covered in a regular course, allowing students to study topics of particular individual interest. IS courses are taken for an A-F grade.

International Student Services

The Cranwell International Center offers support and services for international students.


Faculty members often have information on possible internships. The Career Services Office is also a valuable resource for this area. Debbie Wilson is the College of Science liaison to Career Services and is willing to meet with students in this regard.

Major - Psychology Major Requirements

Please see the Psychology Undergraduate Major, which provides a print-ready to guide undergraduate students through the process of acquiring a psychology major.

Math Placement Test/Math Proficiency Test

Students wishing to place out of Math 1015 must fill out the Application Form and meet the following criteria:

  1. Earn a C- or better in the first attempt of Math 1016 or 1205,
    Or have AP credit for math 1205,
    Or pass a credit-by-exam in math 1016 or 1205.
  2. Have 4 or more years of secondary-level math (Algebra I and above).
  3. Score 570 or higher on the Math SAT test.
  4. Be in the upper 30% of their high school class.


Students wishing to take more than the maximum 19 hours allowed each semester must complete a Request for Overhours form, available in the Psychology Undergrad Advising Office, and deliver it to the office of the Dean of the College of Sciences, in the COS Administration Building.

Parking Decals/Permits/Areas/Tickets

Please see the Transportation and Parking page of the University Facilities Web site for more information.

Premed Requirements

Premed advising is done by Dr. George Simmons through the University Honors Program office. "Premed" is not a specific major, and a Biology major is not necessary. Premed Program Requirements are available online at the University Honors Program Web site.


Students often try to take a course for which they do not have the prerequisites. It is a duty of the advisor to explain why the prerequisites are necessary and the possible consequences of taking a course without those prerequisites. A course may be taken without the prerequisite only with permission of the instructor. Students who enroll in a course for which they have not satisfied prerequisites or obtained permission may be dropped from the course. Deliberately false statements testifying to satisfaction of prerequisites constitute a violation of the honor code.

Prereq and coreq requirements can be found on the timetable for each course by clicking on the course number or course request number. Courses in a series where numbers listed are separated by commas may be taken independently; courses in a series where course numbers are connected by hyphens, the first course is a prereq for the next one.


See Academic Probation/Suspension.

Psychology Undergrad Advising Office

Cindy Koziol
109 Williams Hall (Map), Suite C

Registrar's Office

Please see the Office of the University Registrar Web site.

Registration Dates

Registration dates for each semester/summer session are posted on the Registar's Office page.

Repeating a Course

Courses in which the student received a grade of C or higher may not be repeated. An assigned grade of A through D will be changed to a P when the graduation analysis (degree audit) detects a repeated course previously passed with a C or better.

Satisfactory Progress

Defined as meeting all of the following:

  1. Overall GPA of 2.0
  2. Upon having attempted 36 semester hours, have passed at least 12 credits of Core requirements.
  3. Upon having attempted 72 hours, have passed 24 credits of Core requirements, be enrolled in a degree-granting program, and be making satisfactory progress in major department as determined from departmental checksheet.
  4. Upon having attempted 96 hours, have an in-major GPA of 2.0 or above.

Schedule Change

Students may make schedule changes during open drop-add periods before each semester.

Schedule of Courses

Schedules for all courses can be found by searching the Timetable of Classes page.


Notices are sent to psychology students in December to apply for departmental scholarships. Information for others can be found through the Univeristy Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.

Science Requirement

For Psychology majors, the requirement for the university core has been a sequence of two courses in Geosciences, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics - with labs waived in the past few years. Beginning in 2005-2006, the lab requirement has been added back for students beginning this year; it will not be grandfathered for upperclassmen who have been waived from the requirement.

In addition, our majors must complete two courses of their choice in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. We do not require labs with these courses.

Student Medical Resignation

Students withdrawing for a medical reason will be charged a daily tuition rate for each day enrolled before the resignation. Withdrawal requests must be accompanied by a statement from the Student Health Service indicating the student is unable to continue in school due to medical reasons.

Study Abroad

The Study Abroad office (officially the Office of International Research, Education, and Development) is located in 1060 Litton Reaves Hall (Map).

Teacher Education Program

The School of Education has abundant information on the process of teaching certification.


Students may request transcripts via a number of methods: in person, online, and mail. The Requesting a Transcript page on the University Registrar Web site has complete information.

Transfer Credit

If a student takes a course elsewhere for VT transfer credit, he/she must inform the Office of the University Registrar where the course is being taken that the transcript needs to be mailed to the VT Registrar's office. If the institution or course where the student is going is not listed on the Transfer Equivalency Database, a Request to Take Courses Elsewhere form must be completed and approved before the student enrolls in the course.

Tutorial Services

Tutoring services can be requested through individual departments, and the University provides additional services through the Center for Academic Enrichment and Excellence.

Undeclared Majors

These students are enrolled through the University Studies program, housed in 117 Femoyer Hall (Map).

Undergraduate Research

These courses are individual research projects carried out by students under faculty supervision. The student defines the research topic, proposes a methodology, carries out the research, and writes a report. They are graded on the A-F scale.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a free writing tutorial and consultation service for Virginia Tech students, faculty, and staff. The Writing Center is located in 323 Shanks Hall (Map).