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Merage Ghane

Merage Ghane

Graduate Student, Department of Psychology
Graduate Student, Clinical Science
Graduate Student, Biological Psychology

Click below for news coverage of my current research on Autism Spectrum Disorder with colleagues at VT, VTCRI, and SDSU (November 2015):

Tweeting about science? Me too! :


  • M.A., Psychology, Concentration in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA
  • B.S., Psychology and English Writing, Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, Illinois


  • My interest is in brain network organization and connectivity in typical and clinical populations. Specifically, I am interested in how variability in lower level cognitive processes, such as motivation, perception and attention, interact with and modulate higher level valuation networks and subsequent social and non-social decision making.
  • To learn about how perception, attention, and motivation influences social and non-social behavior, I study typically developing and clinical populations including Autism Spectrum Disorder and Social Anxiety.
  • I am pursuing an academic and policy focused trajectory through training in clinical science, decision neuroscience, fMRI/fcMRI, and computational modeling techniques.

Courses Taught

  • PSYC 2064- Nervous Systems and Behavior: Fall 2014-Spring 2016
  • PSYC 3014- Abnormal Psychology: Fall 2016
  • PSYC 2034- Developmental Psychology: Fall 2016


  • Ghane, M., Sparer, T. (In Press). An Integrative and Mechanistic Model of Impaired Belief Updating in Schizophrenia. Journal of Neuroscience.
  • Valdespino, A., Antezana, L., Ghane, M., Richey, J.A., (2017). Alexithymia as a transdiagnostic precursor to empathy abnormalities: the functional role of the insula. Frontiers of Psychology-Clinical and Health Psychology.
  • Jangraw, D.C., Gonzalez-Castillo, J., Handwerker, D.A., Ghane, M., Rosenberg, M.D., Panwar, P., Bandettini, P.A. (2017). A functional connectivity-based neuromarker of sustained attention generalizes to predict recall in a reading task. NeuroImage, Volume 166, Pages 99-109.
  • Richey, J. A., Ghane, M., Valdespino, A., Coffman, M. C., Strege, M. V., White, S. W., & Ollendick, T. H. (2016). Spatiotemporal Dissociation of Brain Activity Underlying Threat and Reward in Social Anxiety Disorder. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, nsw149.
  • Richey, J.A., White, B.A., Valdespino, A.D., Ghane, M., Keough, M. & Schmidt, N.B. (2015). Attentional control of anxiety related symptoms during an ecologically valid stressor. Anxiety, Stress, & Coping. DOI: 10.1080/10615806.2015.1015424

    Merage Ghane

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