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Psychology Department


Welcome to the Department of Psychology at Virginia Tech. The Department is home to more than 30 faculty, 6 staff, 70 graduate students, and 900 undergraduate majors. We offer doctoral areas of concentration in Clinical Science, Developmental Science, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Neuroscience and Biological Psychology. Our faculty and students are actively engaged in basic and applied research that is advancing knowledge in a variety of areas of psychology and health related behavior. If these pages do not answer your questions please contact us directly and we will be more than happy to help.

Department Highlight

Violence and Victimization lab studies psychological and physiological factors associated with victimization and perpetration of aggression.

Dr. Angela Scarpa’s Violence and Victimization lab studies psychological (e.g., family history, coping skills, psychopathology) and physiological factors (e.g., heart rate, skin conductance,...